Discover the Magic of Jim Shore: A Timeless Legacy of Art and Wonder

Jim Shore in the gift shop

A Passion for Art and Craftsmanship

In the picturesque heart of rural South Carolina, a gifted artist named Jim Shore embarked on a journey to create a legacy of enchanting artistry. Growing up in an artistic family and inspired by the warmth of American folk art, the world of Disney, and his grandmother's teachings, Jim's passion for creativity gave birth to a signature style that blends intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and beloved characters into an unmistakable tapestry of wonder.

From Humble Beginnings to International Acclaim

From humble beginnings, Jim Shore's talent for crafting unique, heartwarming pieces soon gained recognition, transforming his passion project into an internationally renowned brand, Heartwood Creek. Through his art, he tells stories that evoke a sense of nostalgia, joy, and togetherness, capturing the essence of life's most cherished moments.

Collaborations with Iconic Brands

During his 20-year partnership with Enesco, the Jim Shore Collection has expanded to include collaborations with iconic brands like Disney, Peanuts, Grinch, and Country Living. Today, the Jim Shore brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and masterful artistry.

Timeless Designs and Unforgettable Memories

From Disney-inspired figurines to folk art-inspired home décor, each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted to ensure it brings joy and enchantment to collectors and gift recipients alike. The fusion of timeless themes and contemporary craftsmanship creates a magical world where imagination thrives and cherished memories come to life.

A Celebration of the Human Spirit

Jim Shore's artistic journey, including receiving the prestigious ICON HONORS Life Accomplishment Award in 2014, is a celebration of the human spirit and a testament to the power of passion and creativity. Join us in this captivating world of wonder, and let the magic of Jim Shore's artistry fill your heart and home with everlasting joy.


Disney Traditions collectible figurines

Disney Traditions collectible figurines

Peanuts by Jim Shore

Peanuts™ by Jim Shore

Beatrix Potter by Jim Shore