Jellycat Amuseable Sports Basketball



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Jellycat Amuseable Sports Basketball

Appearing on court in rich orange fur with black felt line shaping, the Jellycat Amuseable Sports Basketball is a cheery three-point winner of a gift. With a joyful smile, fine cord legs, and eye-catching red, white, and black suede sneakers, this playful basketball is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to shoot hoops.

Key Features:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 32cm H x 22cm W x 22cm D / 12.6" H x 8.7" W x 8.7" D

Construction and Design

The Jellycat Amuseable Sports Basketball is made from high-quality polyester with an inner filling of polyester fibres and PE beans, ensuring it is both soft and durable. Its design features hard eyes, adding to its delightful and expressive look.

Perfect Gift for Basketball Enthusiasts

This adorable plush basketball is not just a toy but a charming decorative piece for any sports fan. Whether placed on a bed, desk, or shelf, it brings a playful touch to any room and is sure to inspire smiles and fun.

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