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  • Art Hearts are keepsake sculptures that symbolize hope, faith and the bonds that we share with family and friends. The hearts are decorated with various artwork and heartfelt sentiments. The key on the back serves as an easel, making it easy to display.
  • Beautiful periwinkle and yellow flowers rise up out of this Art Heart. A cream white background compliments the color of the flowers. "Love heals" is written at the top of the heart.
  • They say time heals all wounds, but love certainly helps that process. Whether its yourself or someone you love, its important to show that person love in their time of grief.
  • DEMDACO Love Heals Art Heart; Resin, paper, nylon, metal, iron | 4"h.
  • A wonderfully thoughtful gift to send someone who is in a moment of heartbreak. Whether someone has passed away or they are missing someone, show them that love heals grief.

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