Grand Jester Studios - Vinyl Stitch Alien



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Grand Jester Studios - Vinyl Stitch Alien

Warning: Experiment 626 has landed on Planet Earth! The escaped alien has emerged from his crashed spaceship and is ready to gleefully wreak havoc. Though he won't find large cities to destroy, Stitch will soon find greater purpose with his Ohana.

Size: 7.25"

Brand Story

At Bella Casa Gifts & Collectables, we proudly present Grand Jester Studios, where the magic of beloved characters comes to life through exquisite, dynamic figurines. Each piece in this collection is a masterpiece of expression and detail, capturing the essence of animation's most iconic figures. From the bold heroes to the notorious villains, Grand Jester Studios crafts a narrative of motion and emotion, offering fans and collectors an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary and brings favorite stories into the realm of the extraordinary.

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