Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore - Santa with Tree and Toybag



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Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore - Santa with Tree and Toybag

Capture the essence of Christmas tradition with Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore - Santa with Tree and Toybag. Jim Shore's signature style, blending quilt patterns and design motifs, creates a nostalgic masterpiece. This intricately hand-painted figurine features a winsome winter scene—Santa adorned in a red and green robe, bearing a patterned bag of toys, and standing beneath a snow-laden pine tree. With meticulous attention to detail, this Jim Shore creation embodies the joy of the holiday season. Available at Bella Casa Gifts & Collectables for a timeless touch of festive elegance.

  • Material: Stone Resin
  • Dimensions: 28cm H x 14cm W x 20cm L / 11"H x 5.5"W x 7.87"L
  • Presentation: Branded photo gift box

Brand Story

Bella Casa Gifts & Collectables proudly introduces Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore, a collection where artistry meets heritage. Each piece is a testament to Jim's masterful craftsmanship, blending rustic charm with intricate design. From whimsical figurines to heartfelt seasonal decor, Heartwood Creek captures the spirit of American folk art. Each creation is a mosaic of colorful patterns and motifs, inviting you into a world of tradition and storytelling. It's more than decor; it's a celebration of timeless beauty and art, a perfect fit for any collector's home.

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