Jellycat Beatnik Buddy Poodle



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Jellycat Beatnik Buddy Poodle

Meet Beatnik Buddy Poodle, the epitome of chicness, often found in cafes, sipping coffee and penning poetry. This stylish poodle boasts fantastic floppy ears adorned with curly, twirly white fur. With a fashionable breton stripe top and a knotted polka dot scarf, our poodle pal loves engaging in thoughtful conversations with friends and pondering life's big questions. Join this trendy companion and embrace the poetic charm of Beatnik Buddy Poodle.

Jellycat Beatnik Buddy Poodle Features:

  • Size: H27cm x W7cm
  • Recommended Age: Suitable from Birth, loved till infinity. 
  • Materials: 100% Polyester

Bella Casa Gift Shop has been proud to stock a full range of Jellycat soft toys for more than 10 years. Renowned for their inventive designs and outstanding quality, Jellycat toys have won the hearts of both children and adults.


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